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April 19th, 2018


 The  Glen Mills Schools have a long and rich history of powerlifting excellence. Perhaps one lift that they have always been known for is the deadlift. This year is no exception as the Bulls have two lifters who have their hopes of successfully pulling the high mark of 600lbs. They are 220 lber Juan Duncan and 275 lber Anthony Withrow.  Good luck to these Bulls as well as all 31 members of the Glen Mills squad.


Spectators will see four USAPL National Champions competing in Harrison Gymnasium on Saturday. Pennsylvania was well represented in Appleton Wisconsin in March. Lifters from Kennard Dale, Glen Mills, Hershey and Abington Heights all made their way to Wisconsin. Emerging victorious and earning the National Champion title are the following lifters:


 David Still- Hershey Varsity 275lb weight class

 Ian West- Hershey Varsity-148lb weight class

 Devon Davis- Hershey JV-132lb weight class

 Corbin Weiss Hershey JV-123 lb weight class

 Bodie LaCoe- Abington Heights 114 lb weight class


All the applications have been received. The cards are ready to record bodyweights and openers. The competition squat racks will arrive late on Friday night. The gym will be set-up on Thursday night. The spotters and loaders are receiving their final instructions today and tomorrow. It is now just up to the lifters and to arrive and bring it.

The competition should be fierce in all divisions. We have more female lifters than ever before. Records should be established and broken all day long. The team titles in both Male Equipped and Raw look very close. Every lift will be important.

Good luck to all the competitors Let’s have fun and make this day your masterpiece!


Coaches Hit the Mark

Thank-you to all the coaches who make up the PSCPA. They have done a tremendous job in preparing their athletes and making the job as a meet director easy. These men have sacrificed their time to make an investment in the young athletes that will be performing on the platforms at Harrison Gymnasium on Saturday. They do it because they care and love to help young people become better. I salute them. Let’s make Saturday a masterpiece

Shout Outs to:










April 16th, 2018


Central York’s Alexis McAnnaney leads the strong contingent of female lifters from Central York High school to Harrison Gymnasium on Saturday April 21st. Coach Gary Lang is very excited about her chances of breaking her own existing state records. Spectators will see more female lifters this year than ever before. We have a record turnout of 33 female lifters expected on Saturday.


April 13th, 2018

Hershey Stands Tall



April 11th, 2018


The PSCPA meet officials will be glad to welcome back the Shamokin powerlifting team into Saturday’s April 21st State High School Championship. After a 1 year hiatus head Coach Nathan Rhodes will bring his Indians to Harrison Gymnasium to compete for individual and team titles in the Raw Division.

Coach Rhodes is especially excited about his 275 lb varsity lifter who has his sights on the State Squat and bench records. Good luck to the Indians as they will attempt to make April 21st a masterpiece day!



April 10th, 2018

Shout Out to The Spotters

We have been running this meet since 1985. That is 34 years! I would say that makes it is one of the longest running meets in the country especially at the High School level. Our goal is to provide a quality competitive experience for athletes and coaches. We attempt to improve the meet every year. As anyone associated with Powerlifting knows the quality of the meet is dependent on the work provided by those often underappreciated young men who are doing the real work of spotting for all the lifters. We have been fortunate over the past 34 years to have great contributions by students who have sacrificed their day to insure the safety of others and carry out the mission of the Association. I have appreciated the fine work that these young men do for our meet and you the lifters and coaches.

Currently we are preparing young men to continue to provide excellent service again this year. I appreciate if everyone on Meet day can take a moment and thank these young men for their efforts. They will be supporting you on your day. Their day is long and hard. We need to gas them up with energy. A little encouragement goes a long way. Thanks for your support and thank-you to the young students from Garnet valley and Glen Mills who make up today’s Spotters and Loaders.

April 5th, 2018

Make This Day Your Masterpiece

April 21st is coming. We always strive to make this day special. We always strive to make each meet a little better than the year before. We always strive to have kids leave Glen Mills, get in their cars with their family members and have them all leave with smiles on their faces. With competition, we know that is not always possible but we strive to do so. Powerlifting is a great sport. The current group of coaches who represent these teams are great men and women. They invest in the lives of young people. They hit their mark in the development of them as athletes but more importantly as people. We are honored to serve with them. They are masterpiece coaches and the lifters who have competed for them over the years at Glen Mills are masterpiece lifters.  Competition brings out the best in people and helps them become the very best they can be. Our hope is April 21st 2018 will be no exception on the four platforms in Harrison Gymnasium.

We always tag a theme to our meet. Last year it was let’s do this better than it’s ever been done before. This year it is “Make this Day Your Masterpiece”. This is your day. Choose to be the very best that you can be. Leave nothing g on the platform. Have fun and whether the white light button is pushed or the red, make sure you control what you can control and that is your effort and attitude.

Have a great day. Have a lot of fun.  Make This Day Your Masterpiece!

 Here comes Central York on April 21st 


Coach Gary Lang of Central York enter Harrison Gymnasium on Saturday April 21st. With him will be 19 lifters who will be ready to create masterpieces on the platforms and compete like crazy. Last year Central York did very well in the State High School Championships and we expect nothing less this year. 


Two lifters have their eyes set on State Records. They are Deontay and Laurel LokaiserDeontay will attack the varsity 132 marks in the squat and bench. Also spectators should watch out for Laurel who is a female 165 lber lifter who may smash all the existing state records. 


Good luck to all the Central York lifters. Let’s have some fun. 

April 2nd, 2018

Hershey ready once again !!!

Coach Troy Smith will be bringing his Hershey Bears to Glen Mills once again on April 21st. Hershey has to be considered a strong contender for the Equipped team title this year. One has to be impressed with their recent showing at the USAPL Nationals in Wisconsin. Hershey had 4 national champions. Those national champions were: Devon Davis and Corbin Weiss in the JV division . Ian West and David still were varsity national champions. Davis and West are returning varsity state champions while Still finished second at the 275 lb. weight class last year. Parkland and Hershey should be in a fierce battle for the top spot in the equipped division.

April 2nd, 2018

The following Kennard-Dale Powerlifters competed at the USA Powerlifting High School Nationals in Wisconsin; James Devereux, Dalton Stike, Patrick Maloney, Brian White, and Jerome Chemelli.


James Devereux placed 5th @ 66 kilos RAW JV.  He totaled 777 lbs.

Dalton Stike placed 4th @ 83 kilos RAW Var.  He totaled 1,162 lbs.

Patrick Maloney placed 4th @ 105 kilos RAW JV.  He totaled 1,030 lbs.

Brian White placed 12th @ 120 kilos RAW Var.  He totaled 1,085 lbs.

Jerome Chemelli placed 6th @ 120+ kilos RAW Var.  He totaled 1,400 lbs.


This was the 2nd year that Kennard-Dale Powerlifters have attended the USA Powerlifting Nationals.


March 28th, 2018

Abington Heights builds on winning Tradition at 2018 Nationals

Bodie LaCoe getting ready to deadlift 418 in 53 kilo weight class.

Rachel Klein 1st place girls 9th - 10th grade 47 kilo weight class, Arla Davis 17th place girls 72 kilo weight class, Hannah White 8th place girls 72 kilo weight class, Sean Kane 8th place boys 9th-10th grade boys 66 kilo weight class and Bodie LaCoe 1st place national champion boys 53 kilo weight class. 


April 21st 2018 is The Date

Hello everyone. I hope this day finds you in good health. We at the Glen Mills Schools are looking forward to hosting once again the PSCPA State High School Powerlifting meet.  We have hosted this meet since 1985. It is recognized as one of the best high school Powerlifting meets in the country. Once again we will make every effort to ensure that lifters, coaches and parents have a great experience at Glen Mills on Saturday April 21st.

You can get your applications from the website. I look forward to seeing everyone at Glen Mills. Let’s have fun and do this meet better than it has ever been done before.


May 1st, 2017

Meet Results and Updated Records are Up !!!


April 24th, 2017

Girls Steal the Show

I struggled with what headlines to put on this meet Blog post. There were a lot of winners on Saturday. Glen Mills recaptured their Equipped Varsity State Title. Central York came to town and won their first ever state title. Ian West of Hershey won his second consecutive Most Outstanding lifter award but I decided to go with the outstanding performances and great participation of the Female lifters. We opened the platforms up three years ago to female lifters and this year we had 28 official lifters that participated. They did an outstanding job and we are so glad we decided to let them compete in this meet. It was great to see all the chairs filled in front of the award stands when the girl’s winners were announced. Everyone was smiling and gracious as they received their medals.


 Female winners were-

 Most Outstanding Equipped – Casey Bitsko of Jim Thorpe

 Most Outstanding Raw- Kayleigh Tokash- Abington Heights

 Team Champion- Kennard Dale High School


 Top Three – Lightweight Raw-

1st- Kayleigh Tokash- Abington Heights

2nd –Hannah White- Abington Heights

3rd-Camille Yarasavage-Strath Haven

Top Three female heavyweights

1st-Destiny DeLara- Kennard Dale

2nd – Julia Markley- Kennard Dale

3rd-Bea-Cuadrado-Benavent- Kennard Dale

Top Three Female Equipped

1st- Casey Bitsko- Jim Thorpe

2nd Place-McKenna Lewis- Hershey

3rd place- Trinity Murphy- Jim Thorpe


April 20th, 2017

Big Thanks to the Coaches:

I am honored to be working with the great men who serve as coaches of the teams that will be represented at Glen Mills on Saturday. Each coach is committed to helping their young athletes achieve success on the platform but more importantly achieve in life. There is no greater profession than being a coach. I salute the following men who make this Saturday a special day:

 Casey Perlstein- Upper Perkiomen

 Claude Welcome- Abington Heights

 Gary Lang- Central York

 Sean Cosgrove –Glen Mills

 Erik Steiner- Parkland

 Erik Hollingsworth- Strath Haven

 John McGowan- Jim Thorpe

 Niko Hulslander- Kennard Dale

 Troy Smith- Hershey

 Justin Beyer- Forest Hills

I want to leave you with this which I believe says so much about a coach. I also believe it represents the coaches listed above.

April 19th, 2017



Abington Heights returns with a team that may be low in quantity, but high in quality.


Senior Matt Devine looks to move up to 123 raw and rewrite some records. Matt has placed 1st  3 times at this meet and has placed first in 3 High School National Championships.

Senior Kayleigh Tokash is coming off a 3rd place finish at the National High School Championship and is focused on setting new records in the 123 pound weight class.

Bodie LaCoe is off to a strong start after setting American Records at The National  High School Championship and will try to out lift all lifters in both the raw and equipped divisions while lifting in the 114 jv raw division.

Hannah White has moved up to the 148 varsity raw division and has hopes of setting all 4 records in that weight class.  Her last meet was a strong 4th place finish at the National High School Meet.

Ben Knox has a 3rd place finish at 123 at High School Nationals and has been lifting in the shadow of Matt Devine, he may be ready to prove himself.

Arla Davis is at 148 jv and is looking to improve on records set last year by Hannah White. Arla is improving fast after a 3rd place finish at High School Nationals.

Sean Kane is 1st year lifter making big gains.  He placed 4th in the 148 jv raw division at High School Nationals.

First year lifters Corey Tokash, Sam Casimir, Christian Leizinski and James Brown are ready to set new records.

April 18th, 2017
















FLIGHT B-MALE J.V. EQUIPPED LIFTERS-114,123,132,148,165,181








April 12th, 2017

Equipped Team Title to be Fiercely Contested

  Whitehall High School owned High School Powerlifting in 1982. Coach John Bendekovitz  had  lifters from 181 on up who were very hard to beat. In fact they could not be beat. Names like Gober, Sodl and Guerilla dominated the platforms. About that time, Glen Mills started a powerlifting team. They had a 148lb. lifter named Rich Arrington who took the state by storm and quickly put Glen Mills on the map. In the spring of 1985 Glen Mills eventually caught Whitehall and won their first State Title. From 1985- 2015 Glen Mills won every single State High School and Teenage State Championships. If you look at the State record Board you will see almost 2/3 of the records owned by Glen Mills lifters. During that long run by the Bulls –there were many great weight class competitions and a lot of teams had great lifters. Allentown Central Catholic had lifters like Fairclogh, Ceremele and Delgado. Abington Heights had lifters like Shiffer, Young and Mann. However no one could come close to taking the team title away from Glen Mills.

    All that changed in April of 2015. Parkland High School led by veteran coach Erik Steiner came to Concordville and by the slimmest of margins took the Bulls off the throne. He did the same thing last year and his team earlier this year won the equipped Division of the Teenage Title. Glen Mills recently won a raw team National Championship. This year the Bulls have their eyes set on returning the Trophy to the campus of Glen Mills Schools and Coach Steiner will have his Trojans ready to take it back to Orefield. Hershey High School lurks in the wings with many quality lifters and a very deep team. All this paves the way for a very competitive day on the Equipped Platforms at the PSCPA State High School Championships on April 22nd. You don’t want to miss it.



April 11th, 2017

Hershey Enters 25 Lifters

 Thanks to head coach Troy Smith who is sending 25 Trojans to attack the platforms on Saturday, April 22nd at Glen Mills Schools. Hershey lifters always do well at Glen Mills because they are well trained and always prepared.

 We are looking forward to welcoming three Female lifters who will be representing Hershey. Looking at last year’s meet results we can see that Coach Smith is bringing back several lifters who did extremely well last year.

 They are:

 * Joe Brittain 220/242 varsity-Finished second at the 220 lb. varsity division last year. He totaled 1355 as a junior last year so we can expect Mr. Brittain to compete for a title on the 22nd.

* David Still was the 275 JV champion last year and finished with a 1340 total. He will enter the Varsity division this year.

 McKenna Lewis and Lizzy Zeiber are back and will compete in the Female Division along with newcomer Megan Peters.

 Ian West was named the meet’s Most Outstanding lifter in the JV Division last year. He will be back and competing in the 148 lb. varsity division. He should contend for the title.

 Kyllian Harper is the defending 132 JV State Champion. He stays in the JV Division but will move up to the 148 lb. weight class.

 Austin Gruber, Chris Simmons, Tim Zeiber, Kurt Steinruck, Donovan Soulliard, Joe Russell, Ian Szafranic and Gage Houpt are Hershey lifters who will be returning to compete at the Glen Mills Schools on April 22nd.


Finally- JV lifter Devon Davis may be attempting to lift a state record in the JV 114 lb. weight class. If successful it will be the first State High School record by a Hershey lifter. I am sure the Hershey faithful will be using their vocal cords when Mr. Davis is on the platform.

April 10th, 2017



 Big Thanks to Coach Casey Perstein of Upper Perkiomen High School who will lead the Indians of Upper Perkiomen on Saturday April 22th 2017 at the Glen Mills Schools site for the  PSCPA State High School Powerlifting Championships. Upper Perk is only entering four lifters but we expect them to do quite well. After examining last year’s meet results and records we see that some of this year UP’s lifters participated in last year’s meet. Let’s take a closer look:

242 lb. lifter Cole Fryer set the JV Raw bench press record when he did 300 lbs on this lift.

Tyler Whary returns to compete in the 220 lb. weight class. Last year Mr. Whary won the 198 Raw JV crown when he totaled 1130 lbs. which included a 505 lb. deadlift! Any 10th grader that deadlifts 500 lbs. is definitely someone to watch!

Logan Hollingsworth will compete in the 275 JV Raw division this year. This is two weight classes up for Logan. Last year he finished second in the 220 raw division. Good luck to Logan as he competes on the platform on the 22nd!

April 7th, 2017


  • KENNARD DALE HIGH SCHOOL HAS WON TWO State High School Team Championships in the Raw Division
  • Forrest Hills High Schools owns 20 of the State’s records in the Raw division.
  • Abington Heights has 9 records
  • Kennard –Dale has 8 Records

What will the tally count look like at 6:00 pm on Saturday April 22nd ?

April 6th, 2017


*Coach Eric Hollingsworth of Strath Haven High School is bringing lifters from the school for the first time to our meet. We look forward to welcoming him and his athletes.

* Reminder that all entries and payment must be received by Wednesday April 12th. That is next Wednesday.

* Always grateful to Abington Heights Coach Claude Welcome for his contributions to our meet. He provides so much and has done his part in helping our association thrive.

* Claude’s daughter Amy Welcome will once again be our official score keeper . She has done a stellar job in making sure all totals are accurate and we get them tabulated in a timely manner.

* Some coaches indicated they will be emailing me pictures so I can post.  I also would lifters or parents of lifters to send them in and I will gladly post. Email to jhill@glenmillsschools.org!






April 5th, 2017

Meet History –  Some fun facts

* Whitehall High School and Glen Mills tied for the first ever State Championship in 1985 and Glen Mills was declared the winner because they had more first place finishers .                      

*Abington Heights assistant coach Dalton Lacoe set every state raw record in the 114 lb weight class 2104 when he made the following lifts:                       

       Squat- 315




*Hershey’s Troy Stauch won the 2014’s Most Outstanding Lifter award in the Varsity Equipped Division when he squatted 660, benched 385 and deadlifted 555 for a toal of 1600lbs. He did this in the 275 lb weight class.

*The Glen Mills schools currently owns 63 of the 96 State Records in the equipped Division

*Parkland High School is the two time defending State High School Champion


April 4th, 2017

Central York Bringing a Stable of Lifters

 Big Thanks to Coach Gary Lang of Central York who is bringing us 27 lifters to the meet.  Eleven of those lifters are females. That is the biggest entry ever by a school for entering female lifters.  We are looking forward to seeing the energy of the Central York Lifters.

 Yesterday we posted pictures of Kennard- Dale lifters that competed in nationals. Thanks to Niko for sending those pics and info. I would love to post more pics and share lifter accomplishments. Send your info and pictures to jhill@glenmillsschools.org

Remember our Theme:



April 3rd, 2017

Kennard -Dale Shines at Nationals

 Congratulations to Kennard - Dale lifters who represented the State of Pennsylvania at the USAPL National High School Powerlifting Championships this past weekend in Scranton. Big thanks to Head Coach Niko Hulslander who provided the meet info. Powerlifting is alive and well when Niko attends a meet!!!

James Devereux placed 4th @132. J.V.

He totaled 705 lbs.

Noah Hulslander was Runner-Up @ 165.  J.V.  

He totaled 914 lbs.

Dalton Stike was 8th place. He totaled 1,003 lbs. @ 165 Varsity.

Shawn Ellis is a National Champion! @ 181 lbs.  Varsity.  He totaled 1,240 lbs.!

Ryan McNutt was a Runner-Up @ 220. Varsity. He totaled 1,311 lbs.!

James Devereux Deadlifted 319 lbs. @ 132.

 Noah Hulslander Deadlifted 402 lbs.

@ 165.


Dalton Stike Benched 231 lbs. @ 165.

 Shawn Ellis Deadlifted 551 lbs. @ 181.

 Ryan McNutt Benched 347 lbs. weighing 204 lbs.

 Additionally, K-D lifter Jerome Chemelli; 275 Varsity, recently benched 300 and Deadlifted 570 at Columbia Montour Vo-Tech's meet on March 18th.

All our lifters are RAW, looking to defend our 2016 Team title!


March 31st 2017 

 Good Luck to all Pennsylvania Lifers competing in the USAPL national Championships today and this weekend.

 Today is the third day of competition and I understand it has been a great meet!

 You can catch it live on the web. Here is how I found it:

1.   Go to the USAPL website

2.   Locate High school nationals under Upcoming events

3.    Click more info

4.   Click “day 3 live “


Remember our Theme:


March 30th, 2017

Football Coaches – Check This OUT!!!

My name is Tim Moncman and I am currently the Head Football coach at Parkland High School.  I feel the power lifting aspect of our training has been the difference between our program being a solid program to our program being considered an above average program.  I first brought my teams to Glenn Mills as the head coach at Liberty High School.  Ironically, the more experienced we got with the power lifting aspect of training , the more wins we started to add up.  It was a big part of us going to the state championship game 3 out of 4 years from 2005 to 2008. As we profess at Parkland, we are not power lifters but football players.  However, this aspect of training allows our kids to compete at the highest level in the off-season and we truly feel this leads to victories in the fall.



March 29th, 2017

Good luck to all Pennsylvania lifters who are competing at Nationals!!

 Big Thanks to Garnet Valley Football players who are manning the platforms to spot and load for our meet!

This year’s meet will have a middle school division!

Our Theme: Compete!


March 28th, 2017


Anyone who wants to contribute to the meet by writing a positive blog post can send me their work at jhill@glenmillsschols.org. Remember the purpose is to create excitement and enthusiasm for our sport and our meet. Also I would like to continue to build the community of lifters, coaches and fans who love our sport and want to promote its growth.

 26 days to the 22nd!!!  

Our Theme:


March 27th, 2017

Female Records Available on Records Page


 Quest for 200 lifters on the Platform


  We want to have 200 lifters at this year’s meet. That is the goal number. We have only had 200 lifters once before in our 33rd year history. We are on a mission to reach that number. It can be done!!

 Last year we had more female lifters than ever before. I believe we will smash last year’s record.

 We established records for Female lifters last year and we gave a most outstanding lifter award for the young ladies. We will award at least one team trophy this year. Also we will award weight classes winners if we have enough lifters that enter. 

 Additionally- we may create a middle school division and award a most outstanding lifter for all those 7th and 8th grade lifters.

 To all the young ladies- Check out the newly established State High School records and let’s take them down on April 22nd. 

 Remember our Theme lifters: 


February 23rd, 2017

Hello Competitors;

 Good Luck in Parkland.

 I hope to get there.

 I hope to watch some great lifting.

 I hope to see some great competition.

 Have fun!!!

 Make it a great day.

Represent your team and your school well.

 Powerlifting is the bomb!!!

February 22nd, 2017

Hello Competitors;

I hope all is well and you are preparing to compete in the 2017 PSCPA State High School Championships at The Glen Mills Schools on April 22nd. We are preparing a little bit every day to make sure you have a great competitive experience on that day. This is our 33rd year of hosting the meet. Every year we try to be a little bit better than the year before. This year we want to tag a theme to our meet. It is real simple. Our theme this year is: Compete.

Compete to be the best version of yourself on that day. To do that you must start now in your training. We hope to see some really great lifting on that day. We hope to see some great team spirit and encouragement. We hope to see some great sportsmanship.

We are expecting to host about twelve teams again this year.   Even though you will be competing against others on that day –we are all a part of a rich tradition of making High School Powerlifting great in Pennsylvania. That is what we all have in common. You are now part of this meet’s rich and storied history and we plan to compete again to make it better than last year. That’s what we do !

I look forward to seeing you there and living out our theme of Compete.

Thank-You Dalton Stike of Kennard Dale High School for being the first competitor to enter his application.

We are ready to receive more.


May 19th, 2016

2016 meet results and Updated records now posted in “Results and Records”